Quality since 1861

150 years ago, master shoemaker Josef Riddermann “Jo-Ri” founded a manufacturing facility for work and safety shoes. The company headquarters are still located in Uedem in the Lower Rhine region. The history of the shoe industry in this tradition-steeped location goes back to the 18th century, when the community had just under 1000 inhabitants. In 1913, the site had ten shoe factories, which primarily manufactured work- and soldier’s shoes. With handmade special shoes, the brand with the distinctive knight’s shield prevailed over the competition among craftsmen and industrial workers in the Ruhr area and still combines safety and comfort at fair prices today. Our own development centre in Uedem and cooperation with safety experts from the fields of technology and research form the basis of our products, which have been the epitome of safety and comfort in professional working environments for generations.

Safety is the top priority

With innovative materials, creative designs and state-of-the-art processing techniques, JORI products meet the highest quality standards and go beyond the required standard. Many JORI shoes are completely metal-free and are therefore also ideally suited for sensitive working areas. Metal-free also means that a plastic cap has been used instead of a steel toe cap. This also protects the toe area from impact units of at least 200 joules and a compressive load of at least 15 kN. The penetration protection is also metal-free at this point. The penetration protection made of textile midsoles offers the advantage of covering almost the entire sole area. In the case of metal midsoles, a more or less unprotected small edge area remains. The textile penetration protection improves the wearing comfort of the shoes – they are altogether more flexible.

Different closures, but the same safety: JORI shoes are available with slip-on closures, Velcro closures, laces and the BOA® Fit System. This is an innovative closure system without laces, Velcro or buckles. The BOA®Fit System delivers high-performance fit solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific application and are used in products in a wide range of categories (occupational safety, sports and medical). It consists of a finely adjustable twist lock, a lightweight yet extremely strong cord and low-friction cord guides. Each and every configuration not only optimises the fit of the product, but is safe, fast, customisable, robust and comes with the BOA®warranty.
It provides a secure hold throughout the day without loosening. Once the system is engaged, foot protection is also guaranteed – without retightening! The Boa® Fit System repels ice, dirt and oil and works reliably, so you can stay focused and concentrated without ever taking your gloves off. The precision-manufactured cords from Boa® are located inside the twist-lock unit and therefore cannot get caught anywhere or come loose on their own.

Many of our shoes are ESD-certified and therefore suitable for working in ESD-sensitive and electrostatically protected areas and have a very good dissipative capacity. The lowest layer of the sole forms the profiled outsole. The top layer is the actual inner sole. Many of our safety shoes also offer the possibility of orthopaedic adjustments. You can have yours made by an orthopaedic shoemaker – they must be certified for this pair of shoes. Or you can make use of our range of semi-orthopaedic insoles. The outsoles are slip-resistant and SR-certified. Thanks to their high abrasion resistance and resistance to oil and fuel, they are also ideally suited for many applications. In our safety shoes of the protection classes S1P and S3 we use both a metal and a textile penetration protection. Both versions meet the additional requirements of penetration resistance according to the EN ISO 20345 standard.

Our collection

The JORI safety shoes are available in different designs and safety classes. Shoes of the safety classes S1P, S2 and S3 can be found in the form of sandals, low shoes and boots. Different (intermediate) soles ensure optimum comfort and safety when working on any terrain.


Polyurethane (PU) outsoles are antistatic and slip-resistant. In addition, they are heat-resistant up to approx. 130 degrees Celsius and cold-flexible down to -20 degrees Celsius. Even oils and fuels cannot harm them. Rubber outsoles have similar properties, but are heat-resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius and can even withstand 300 degrees Celsius for short periods.
PU midsoles provide good shock absorption and high comfort. Midsoles made of EVA have excellent cushioning properties and a low weight, which is achieved by the low material density.
The jo_DYNAMIC, jo_SAMBA and jo_CROSS outsole has a tread depth of 3 mm and is made of rubber, the midsole is made of EVA. This combination makes shoes particularly abrasion resistant and gives a secure footing. Just like the jo_ATHLETIC, which however contains polyurethane (PU) as the midsole material. The jo_SPORTY sole corresponds to the first three listed in terms of material properties, but has a tread depth of 2.5mm. The FLAME sole comes in a rubber/PU combination with a tread depth of 4mm. This version makes the sole particularly durable and abrasion-resistant. The jo_MAX sole has the same properties, but with 3 mm tread depth. The jo_BASIC and NEW BASIC soles are made of a PU/PU compound and provide perfect grip on slippery floors. The jo_TWIST sole is also a PU/PU combination and supports the sporty lightness of the shoe. The sole with the greatest tread depth is the jo_TIGHTPU/PU sole with 4.2 mm. The PU mono sole jo_MONO is used in the black and white collection and promises maximum slip resistance in every environment.


The jo_SPEEDYseries is available in the safety classes S1P and S3. They come without metal and leather in a sporty look. The plastic cap protects your toes from dangers from above. The ESD-capable shoes are suitable for work in electronically sensitive areas and on electronically sensitive components thanks to their dissipative properties.
The jo_SWIFTseries is sporty and safe. Whether with laces, buckles or the BOA®Fit System – the shoe grips the foot comfortably and securely. The usual metal eyelets have been replaced by textile parts; a steel toe cap has been replaced by a plastic toe cap, so that the shoe remains metal-free.
The jo_RAPIDmade of hydrophobic microfibre and breathable textile lining provides the optimum foot climate and high comfort. This series is also free of metal and leather and thus also suitable for allergy sufferers. An abrasion-resistant rubber overcap makes the shoe a durable partner in terms of safety.
Are you a real sneaker head and don’t want to do without the stylish shoes at work either? Then the jo_SLIMseries is the right choice. Class S3 safety shoes disguised as casual sneakers. Hydrophobic textile material and suede make these shoes a real eye-catcher. The metal-free penetration protection protects your feet from danger from below, the steel toe cap protects your toes from above and in front.

ELTEN developed the JORI LADY range especially for women. Women’s feet have special requirements. They are narrower and flatter than those of men with the same shoe size. Men’s models do not give narrower women’s feet the required protection at this point. The result: the shoe chafes, causes blisters and gives no support. The JORI LADY range has been designed on a narrower last and therefore fits the female foot perfectly.

We also have the right footwear for cold days on the construction site. The inner material of the SCOTT S3 ÜK made of soft winter lining, for example, ensures that the feet stay warm in snow and cold weather. At the same time, the material is breathable and skin-friendly. The robust and water-repellent leather upper is a natural raw material – breathable and resistant to abrasion.

Do you work in the food industry, medicine, gastronomy, or just like the colours black and white? Thejo_CLEAN safety shoes are available in classic black and white – so they blend seamlessly with workwear. Thanks to hydrophobic microfibre and breathable textile lining, your feet will stay dry all day long. The plastic toe cap protects your foot as well as a metal-free penetration protector. This makes the shoes completely leather- and metal-free. The anti-slip sole is certified and provides good grip on slippery floors. Slip-on, Velcro or lace-up, low shoe or boot. There are hardly any limits to preference.

In your job do you often kneel or work bent over? The jo_FLEXseries protects your feet thanks to the steel toe cap and metal-free penetration protection. The PU overcap prevents abrasion and ensures the longevity of your shoes. If you need special orthopaedic insoles, these must be certified and can be inserted into a jo_FLEX without any problems.

If you do notice a defect in your safety shoe, immediately report the defect to the dealer from whom you purchased our JORIs. The specialist dealer is the first point of contact for such questions and, with their expertise, can best judge what needs to be done and whether the shoes need repair. Should your BOA® Fit System still be defective, you can find a video here on how to easily repair it yourself. The BOA®Repair Kit is available from the retailer where you purchased the shoe.

We also have classics among safety shoes – black safety boots with laces – in our range. Jo_MAX, jo_COLOUR or the ACHIM- we have the right shoe for every foot!

You can find more safety shoes of classes S1P, S2 and S3 here.