Comfort is a decisive criterion when selecting the right safety shoe. The level of concentration at work can be massively influenced if the wearer does not feel comfortable in his shoes or if these even cause pain. And of course, that distraction can lead to accidents. Uncomfortable shoes are unpopular. We therefore ensure not only the safety of the shoe wearer but also the maximum possible comfort and well-being.


Warm feet are worth a mint particularly on cold days. Heating elements underneath the inlay sole provide the necessary warmth on very cold working days. Thanks to the Therm-ic technology, the wearer can easily control the temperature of the safety shoes via a mobile phone. Rechargeable with the help of a USB port, the heating elements can be adjusted to different temperatures. No matter if durable heat supply or heat in intervals, the app will allow you to easily regulate the climate inside the shoe.

  • Charging time: approx. 4-6 hours
  • Heating time: depending on the selected heating level
    ◦ Level 1 approx. 17-19 hours
    ◦ Level 2 approx. 8-9 hours
    ◦ Level 3 approx. 4-5 hours

Note: Level 3 is only destined for rapid heat-up and should not be used for more than a few minutes; otherwise there is a serious risk of burns.

Operation manual



Easily control the heating elements via the Therm-ic app. Heating level and frequency can be regulated in real time for the soles, by simply using the Bluetooth function. This free app is compatible with Android and IOS and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

In contrast to working areas where activities predominantly take place whilst seated, conventional workplaces bring with them increased strain on the ankle, knee and hip joints, as well as the back, due to constant standing, walking and kneeling for many hours. Very hard floors are frequently also a factor here. When selecting the correct individual degree of cushioning it is always necessary to bear the specific workplace in mind. Because the foot is stressed in the heel and ball area when standing, and across its entire area when walking, the whole area of the foot should ideally be cushioned in a work shoe. Alongside the use of high quality materials with good durability and resistance to fatigue, a soft, embedding insole is particularly important.


An entirely new wearing experience: Shoes without irritating seams. That offers major advantages. The shoe can be even better aligned with the natural shape of the foot. Furthermore, painful and distracting pressure points caused by seams are no longer an issue. And if no seam exists then these cannot tear under high stresses. And the shoe wearer enjoys yet one more benefit: The shoes are easier to clean, because if there are no seams then these cannot retain dirt. A welcome „side effect“: The shoes simply look good for longer!

The BOA® FIT SYSTEM – is an innovative closure system without laces, buckles or Velcro fasteners, which holds all day long without
loosening. Because once the system has been latched in place, laces and reels stay in position without re-tightening!

Particular advantage: The closure can be closed and opened with one hand. Annoying dangling laces are no longer a problem and can no longer trip the wearer up. And BOA® functions at lightening speed.