The standards which we apply to our products are as stringent as the quality guidelines of the companies we deliver to. ELTEN is a company with a quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Of course, all ELTEN safety shoes are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20345 and thus offer the wearer the highest mandatory protection level. They are equipped with a corrosion-resistant safety toe cap for high stress (pressure / impact loading of 200 joule). Furthermore, ELTEN also sticks to some additional requirements mentioned in the old DIN EN 345, which stipulated even higher quality standards.

all basic demands are met.

all basic demands are met.
On top of this, the following additional requirements are fulfilled:
+ closed heel part also for low shoes,
+ antistatic,
+ energy assimilation at the heel part.

all basic demands of S1 are met.
On top of this, water permeability and water vapour absorption are fulfilled.

all basic demands of S2 are met.
On top of this, profiling of the cutsole and the application of a penetration-protecting sole.

For firefighting boots

TYP 2 Qualified for all firefighting and rescuing missions, where penetration resistance and toe protection is needed. No protection against chemical substances.
F2A Firefighter boot type 2 with toe protection, penetration resistance and antistatic properties.
HI3 Heat isolation at 250 C (40 min. exposure time)

It is important that safety shoes be chosen for the established protection requirements and the corresponding area of use. A suitable shoe must be chosen on the basis of a hazard analysis. You can also receive detailed information about this at the corresponding mutual indemnity associations.

The labeling has the following meaning:

EN ISO 20345 Safety Shoe Requirements / EN ISO 20347 Work Shoe Requirements

SB/OB Basic shoe
S1/O1 Basic shoe ; supplemental: closed heel area, antistatic, heel energy absorption
S2/O2 Basic shoe ; supplemental: closed heel area, antistatic, heel energy absorption, water penetration and absorption resistance
S3/O3 Basic shoe ; supplemental: closed heel area, antistatic, heel energy absorption, water penetration and absorption resistance, penetration resistance, treaded sole

P Penetration resistance
A Antistatic shoe
HI HI Heat insulation (up to max. 150°C for 30 mins)
CI Cold insulation (up to max. -17°C for 30 mins)
E Heel energy absorption
WRU Water penetration resistant uppers
HRO Heat-resistant outsole (up to max. 150°C for 1 mins)
M Metatarsal protection
CR Cut resistance (not against chainsaw cuts)
AN Ankle protection
FO Fuel resistance
SRA Skid resistance on ceramic tiles / cleaning agent
SRB Skid resistance on steel plate / glycerine
SRC Skid resistance on ceramic tiles / cleaning agent and steel plate / glycerine

PPE Regulation 2016/425

ELTEN GmbH has carried out the conformity procedure for its safety shoes in accordance with the PPE Regulation 2016/425 and maintains the associated technical documentation, type examination certificates and declarations of conformity in accordance with the procedure of the PPE Regulation 2016/425. The associated products are marked with the CE marking. The respective declaration of conformity can be found on the detailed pages of our safety shoes. Or on this subpage.

Together with internationally renowned designers, our in-house and outside development teams follow their creations from the first drafts through the numerous wearing test at the early prototype stage on to production and finally market launch. Our designs are highly contemporary without following short-lived fashions and they are tailored to meet the needs of the various fields for which they are intended.

A safety shoe for a building worker looks different from protective footwear for a fire-fighter. What’s more, our women’s models are designed on a special women’s shoe last that takes into account the specific physical characteristics of a woman’s foot, rather than being simply based on the same last as men’s shoes, as is so often the case.

A host of awards and appreciations prove that good, distinctive design is something we take seriously. Because ELTEN shoes adapt and change – just like the people who wear them.