Innovative foot protection with orthopaedic requirements

The users and their needs are always the focus when it comes to developing new safety shoe models. These not only offer reliable protection against injuries, but also meet the requirements for ergonomics, wearing comfort, keeping the feet healthy and cushioning. Elten offers a range of solutions for wearers with special needs, be it the option of orthopaedic measures or, for example, a multiple width and foot type system.

Working with osteoarthritis of the knee?

If wearers suffer from knee osteoarthritis – also called gonarthrosis – an orthosis can provide some relief. Knee arthrosis often affects younger people as a result of malpositioning, overloading or an accident when they are still working full time.

Orthosis Agilium Freestep

Gonarthrosis care starts with the foot

The Agilium Freestep from Ottobock features an innovative active principle that has been biomechanically tested and clinically proven. The special feature of the Agilium Freestep is that it is designed as a lower leg and foot orthosis. As a result, it does not restrict the knee. But above all, thanks to this construction, the forces generated during the impact can be useful.
Wearers who have to wear a safety shoe at work often wonder which shoe they can combine an orthosis like the Agilium Freestep with. Elten therefore offers a wide range of models that are designed for accommodating orthoses.
Our product certifications are currently valid for version 2.0 of the orthosis. First certifications for the current version 3.0 of the orthosis are underway.

Advantages of the Agilium Freestep at a glance

  • Targeted relief of the affected area in the knee joint when standing, walking or running
  • Treatment of unicompartmental knee joint arthrosis
  • For patients of all ages – especially if knee surgery is contraindicated
  • Knee-free fitting by simply putting it on below the knee ensures high wearing comfort – does not constrict the knee and does not interfere when sitting down
  • Low weight
  • Easy and individual adjustment
  • High acceptance thanks to wearing comfort and slim design
  • Can be worn inconspicuously under clothing
  • Easy handling by putting on like a shoe
  • Fitted shoe prevents slipping
  • Support every day as well as during stressful sporting activities
  • Innovative active principle – biomechanically tested and clinically proven
  • A study shows a possible reduction of painkiller intake by up to 50%

Further info

Do you have questions about the orthosis and would like to learn more about the Agilium Freestep? Then visit – here you will find all the manufacturer’s details and further contact options.