ESD – ESD approved safety shoes and occupational shoes do not only protect the personnel, but also provide protection for components and assemblies at risk from electrostatic energy.

PENETRATION RESISTANCE – The penetration resistance prevents foreign objects from entering through the sole.

REFLECTIVE MATERIAL  – Reflective material inserts increase safety in the twilight and the dark.

SLIP RESISTANCE – The shoe is certified according to the highest requirements regarding slip resistance (SRC).

CUT RESISTANT – The shoe has a cut-resistent interlining, which protects the foot againt being cut by sharp-edged materials.

CHAINSAW PROTECTION– Designed with robust materials with high cut resistance, suitable for working with chainsaws.

FLUID IRON/ALUMINIUM – Protection against dripping of molten iron and aluminium.

CUSHIONING SYSTEM– Thanks to the revolutionary sole core made of the innovative expanded thermoplastic polyurethan Infinergy® by BASF you will experience a completely new feeling of walking with Wellmaxx technology.

ORTHOPAEDIC FOOT PROTECTION – The shoe is certified for orthopaedic modifications according to EN ISO 20345/20347 (DGUV 112-191). Your trusted orthopaedic shoemaker/your trusted medical supply store can make a number of orthopaedic changes and inlay soles that meet your needs – without the shoe losing its protective function

FIT SYSTEM – Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the BOA® Fit System is featured in products across industries (including sports, workwear and medical) and consists of three integral parts: a micro adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace and low friction lace guides. Each unique configuration is engineered for fast, effortless, precision fit and is backed by the BOA® Guarantee.

GORE-TEX MEMBRANE – Shoes with a GORE-TEX membrane permanently protect your feet against moisture, are extremely breathable and provide optimum climate comfort control.

OUTSOLE CONCEPT – The lightweight EVA sole made from expanded ethylene vinyl acetate is soft and extremely elastic. Due to the flexible profile structure, the sole is highly adaptable.

100% VEGAN – The shoe is leather-free and free of other animal products. No animal materials or products are used in the manufacturing process and the auxiliary materials used also contain no components of animal origin.

PLUS X AWARD – The independent jury for the Plus X Award, grants seals of approval to brands that offer products with a competitive edge in terms of quality and innovation.

XRD® MET GUARD – is a midfoot protector inside the shoe: this flexible, shock-absorbent insert made of polyurethane foam is inserted directly into the instep area of the shoe and protects the metatarsal bones from injuries caused by falling objects or impacts.

WATERPROOF – Our shoes in the “Kids by ELTEN” range are all equipped with a waterproof membrane. The pores of the membrane are large enough to allow water vapour molecules to escape from the inside of the shoe, but small enough to keep water drops outside.

27. September 2023 / Jette from the ELTEN team
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