Good quality does not go out of style; you will enjoy it even more over the years. The safety footwear from the ELTEN NEW CLASSICS series are of high quality with a fashionable look. With models available in safety classes S1, S2 and S3, the ELTEN NEW CLASSICS is the all-rounder for almost any wearer of safety footwear. This also applies to wearers with foot problems, because all models in the series are certified according to DGUV rule 112-191 (formerly BGR 191). This allows orthopaedic adjustments, such as a lift in the heel area, to be performed quickly and easily without the shoe losing its certification.


The ELTEN NEW CLASSICS series not only impresses with its price-quality ratio, it also scores with a high level of comfort. All safety shoes are equipped with a non-slip SRC polyurethane sole, which dampens when walking and reduces the impact on tendons and ligaments. The outsole is antistatic, resistant to oil, fuels and various chemicals. And all that at temperatures between ‒20 and 130 ° C.

The different S3 models of the NEW CLASSICS series are equipped with a replaceable ELTEN insole and therefore offer even more comfort. In movement, the insole adapts to the wearer’s requirements with an optimized fit between foot and shoe. The padding in the insole guarantees optimal ball and heel cushioning because shocks are absorbed. Together with the breathable textile lining and the proven fit, the good damping properties ensure a carefree feeling, even at the end of a long working day.


Naturally, all safety shoes from the ELTEN NEW CLASSICS series are tested according to the strict requirements of the EN ISO 20345 Standard. Depending on the safety requirements of daily work, the models are available as safety sandals, shoes or boots. In addition, different variants are available, such as the ESD-certified variant that not only protects the wearer during his work, but also electrostatically sensitive devices and systems. For example, when working in safety or medical technology, where even small electrostatic discharges can cause serious damage to electronic devices.

When it comes to the safety class S2 models, reflective material on the outside of the shoe ensures that the wearer is clearly visible in the shade or in poor light and weather conditions. When it comes to the safety class S3 styles, the safety footwear is optionally equipped with the classic steel midsole for harsh working conditions or with a slightly lighter metal-free midsole, which is also suitable for workers with a metal contact allergy. Both variants have been tested according to EN ISO 20345 safety class S3. A plus of the metal-free midsole is that it is considerably more flexible than the steel version and at the same time is breathable and thermally insulating, which provides flexibility and comfort.

Because ELTEN cares about the health of the wearers, low-emission and skin-friendly materials are used in the production of the NEW CLASSICS series. With this, the ELTEN NEW CLASSICS series repeatedly sets standards in the field of foot protection and foot health. Yesterday, today and of course also in the future.

27. Juli 2015 / von r.drewes
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