The feet of the average European are becoming increasingly voluminous. They increase in length, but also in width and height. The classic foot measurement does not take this into account. It is therefore difficult for many people to find the appropriate safety shoes. As a result, many people wear safety shoes that are sometimes up to two sizes too big. This can cause complaints and health problems. The protective function of the shoe can also be impaired. ELTEN has the right solution for voluminous feet.

You may be familiar with such a situation. According to a foot measurement, size 40 is the right size, but only size 42 seems to really fit. This is because the usual foot measurement system is based on the length of the foot, but not on the width or height. A sturdy foot is usually very wide, but a voluminous foot also has a very high instep. The toes have room in the front, but the foot is clamped at the side and at the top. ELTEN has addressed this problem.


Choosing the wrong shoe size or fit to adapt the shoe to the volume of the foot involves risks. A shoe that is too long for the foot no longer gives the right protection. For example at the forefoot, where the toecap no longer completely covers the toes. In addition, the grip on the inside of the shoe can also deteriorate. If the fit is good, you can prevent accidents from tripping or spraining.

A too long shoe also gives poor comfort. The foot slides forward with every movement. This creates friction and blisters cannot be prevented. The rolling points of the shoe do not match the rolling movements of the feet, causing the feet to tire more quickly.
Pain, an increased risk of injuries and lack of comfort are direct consequences of a shoe where the shape and size do not fit the foot. In the long term, however, further damage is imminent, such as foot problems if workers in their safety shoes continue to withdraw their toes during the walking movement.


What is important when choosing a safety shoe if a voluminous foot shape makes searching difficult? The factors shoe-fit, foot bed and cushioning are decisive. Due to these factors, the foot protection is not only comfortable to wear; it even relieves the musculoskeletal system. A voluminous foot needs more room at the forefoot thanks to a wider nose and an enlarged instep area. So far, conventional safety shoes have not been able to provide this. ELTEN has now developed safety shoes for employees with voluminous feet.

The „Safeguard“ series is based on a particularly wide last and a higher protective toecap. The shoe therefore offers more space. The models in the Safeguard series are available in safety class S1 to S3. Available in different shoe types such as; sandals, low shoes and high shoes. And made of different materials, such as; leather or breathable textile materials. The Safeguard models feature a comfortable cushioning midsole, lightweight aluminium toecap and a coarse outsole made of robust polyurethane.

Elten originally developed the Safeguard series for the market in Scandinavia because many people there have particularly voluminous feet. However, many workers from other European countries are now also benefiting from this. Another plus of this series is that the shoes are certified for orthopaedic insoles according to the DGUV regulation 112-191 (formerly BGR 191). None of the standards for safety shoes are violated. If special adjustments have to be made to the shoes, for example due to years of wearing the wrong shoe with the wrong size or fit, that is no problem with our Safeguard safety shoes.

27. Juli 2015 / von r.drewes
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