These toe deformities create pressure points, friction and blisters, resulting in ongoing pain and uncomfortable-feeling shoes.

The DIALUTION offers more volume for the forefoot area, thanks to a taller toe cap, more length for roll-over movement and a wider last.


Foot protection for diabetics and for other foot deformities must have special features: a wide to smooth entry, a high and wide toe cap to avoid impact and as few irritating seams as possible in order to avoid pressure and abrasion points. The removable inner shoe creates even more space for particularly bulky feet. The main goal of the Dialution is to maintain fitness to work. In the long term, many foot operations or even amputations can be avoided by means of orthopaedic measures and adjustments to the foot protection.


In the case of diabetic foot syndrome, circulatory disorders and nerve damage on the feet present a great health risk. The smallest pressure points are sufficient to cause injuries and open wounds. In addition to problem areas such as the heel, the sole of the foot or the toes, diseased feet require a lot of care. This makes it all the more important to have a shoe that thinks about and, thanks to its workmanship and the selected materials, deals with the problems that feet can suffer.

According to the latest diabetes atlas published in 2017 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Germany ranks second in Europe with 7.5 million people who suffer from diabetes. Most of the affected (more than 95 percent) have type 2 diabetes. In addition, at least 2 million diabetes patients in Germany have not yet been reported. One in four diabetics will develop diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) during their lifetime.

(Source: Deutscher Gesundheitsbericht Diabetes 2019)


Foot diseases and forefoot deformities occur more and more frequently. From crossover toe, claw toe or bunions to diabetic foot syndrome. Natural defects, the wrong footwear, accidents or inherited deformities are usually painful for the affected person, suitable footwear is rare. The deformation of the toes creates pressure points in the shoe, friction and blisters. Permanent pain and bad wearing comfort are the consequences.


The highlight of Dialution: the removable inner shoe consisting of a multi-layered fabric which contains a membrane that absorbs the wound fluid, does not give it to the outer shoe, and still remains breathable. Soft padding and the avoidance of interfering seams promote the protection of sensitive feet. The shoe in the shoe provides the wearer with the greatest possible hygiene, since it is easy to clean and therefore reinfections can be avoided. Thanks to the white inner material, open wounds can be quickly identified and can be treated immediately. In addition to the removable inner shoe, the innovative concept also includes a pressure-spreading inlay sole.


The foot bedding in the DIALUTION not only prevents injuries, but promotes the healing process for existing injuries. Different cushioning possibilities in all foot areas offer different solutions for demanding feet.


The shoe DIALUTION Low ESD S3 has to be handed in to the cost bearer as a semi-orthopaedic safety shoe S3 ESD diabetes mellitus. In Hesse, as safety shoe with inner shoe pos. DRV (German pension insurance), otherwise as safety shoe with inner shoe pos. DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance). As safety shoe without inner shoe according to pos. of the DGUV contract, as the shoe has a circumference of 29 cm regarding the ball measurement in size 42. A detailed documentation is imperative. The prescription needs to point out clearly that the wearer’s provision with the DIALUTION is a replacement for a customised solution.

Further information is to be found on our website: https://elten.com/ortho


Long-term circulatory disorders can lead to nerve damage in the feet and affect fine motor skills.

The new outsole concept by ELTEN for diabetic feet and other foot diseases adapts to the special needs: the tread bars in the metatarsus region help to roll the foot and stabilise the gait. The anti-slip sole protects against dangerous accidents.


  • Wide shaft opening for a „smooth“ entry
  • A larger additive (additional length allowance for rolling movement) to prevent the toe from hitting
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • High and wide toe cap to avoid impact
  • As less interfering seams as possible to avoid pressure and abrasion marks
  • Diabetes-adapted, removable long-slung and permanently elastic inlay soles (avoidance of pressure points on certain regions of the foot
  • sole, distribution of the body weight on a large foot load surface area)
  • Stable heel guidance to give support


27. September 2023 / Jette from the ELTEN team
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